At TFEHosting, we strive to provide you a quality product at a reasonable price.

• 1 GB Web Hosting Storage
• 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
• 1 Domain Allowed
• 5 Parked Domains
• 20 Email Accounts
• 2 Mailing Lists Allowed
• 2 FTP Accounts
• 5 MySQL Databases
• $4.95 Monthly
• No Setup Fee

• 2 GB Web Hosting Storage
• 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
• 3 Domains Allowed
• 10 Parked Domains
• 50 Email Accounts
• 5 Mailing Lists Allowed
• 5 FTP Accounts
• 7 MySQL Databases
• $9.95 Monthly
• No Setup Fee

• 3 GB Web Hosting Storage
• 30 GB Monthly Bandwidth
• Unlimited Domains Allowed
• Unlimited Parked Domains
• Unlimited Email Accounts
• 10 Mailing Lists Allowed
• Unlimited FTP Accounts
• 10 MySQL Databases
• $12.95 Monthly
• No Setup Fee


Things that does for our customers:


Domain Name:

If your domain name expires, customers can’t access your site. Even worse, your competition (or a porn site) can register your domain name taking your business away. There is nothing worse than a customer calling and telling you your site is now a porn site!

We watch the expiration date and other information on your domain name to make sure it doesn’t expire or other problems occur.

We also offer ID Protect.


Contact Information Changes:

If your phone number, email address or street address are wrong, your customers will have trouble contacting you.

We check your contact information and test your email address to make sure they work properly.


Monitor Error Logs:

Many errors like missing graphics or pages that don’t load are difficult to detect by just looking at the web site itself.

We monitor the error logs on your site regularly. We catch and resolve the errors before they cause bigger problems.


Dead Links:

Websites come and go. Other web sites are updated and pages moved around. This causes the links on your site to stop working.

We check the links on your site regularly to make sure they work and go to the proper place.


Contact Form Problems:

After a customer decides to contact you about your service/product, there is nothing more aggravating for them than a contact form that stops working. We have seen these stop for various reasons, such as your hosting company updating some back end software. Many times the form appears to work but the email address the form sends to is incorrect.

We test your contact form to insure that it is functioning properly on a regular basis.


Up to date content:

Information about upcoming events is good to have on your web site but it makes you look bad when it’s still there months after the event has taken place. Copyright dates or other dated information such as calendars need to be updated regularly.

We watch your site and make changes necessary to keep your site up to date.


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